Please complete the information requested below.  Please submit attachments to the church office.

1. Your letter of acceptance from an accredited college, university, business or trade school.

2. Three (3) letters of reference from Second Baptist Members. (1st year applicants only.)

All applications are due by June 19, 2015.



1. You must be accepted to a two (2) year college, four (4) year college/university, business, or trade school.

2. You must be a member of Second Baptist Church.

3. You must submit a copy of your acceptance letter with your application by the deadline.

4. Scholarship recipients, or their representative, must be present to pick up the scholarship check.

5. Scholarships are only available to young adults age 17 to 24.

6. First year applicants must be active in a ministry of the church and submit three (3) letters of reference.


If you have any additional questions about the scholarship, please contact:

Sister Nichelle Smith

(609) 742-1442